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Koalitio presents: Back to Colombia, 12.6-14.6.2015 Oulu

PostPosted: Mon 2014-12-29 01:15
by Dolnage

Themed airsoft event, organized by Koalitio

When? 12.6.-14.6.2015

Where? Near Oulu, Finland, exact location and maps of the area will be revealed before the event.

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

This game is a sequel for Koalitio’s Colombia-themed game held in 2013. The event is Colombia-themed airsoft game with milsim and some larp elements. Both sides have their own different style command structures and players are required to follow their superior’s commands. Missions will include patrolling, base defense and guard duty, possible direct action raids etc. Some players may have special roles which add larp elements to the game. Both sides have aggressive missions and neither side is considered less worthy than other. In this game you will be fighting a brutal drug war in Colombia in past back during 2003.

Re: Koalitio presents: Back to Colombia, 12.6-14.6.2015 Oul

PostPosted: Mon 2014-12-29 01:17
by Dolnage
Game information

Game fee: 40 EUR (including 10 EUR deposit)

Game fee will include beverages and something to eat. Also included are transportation from parking area to game area and back to parking area after game ends. Game fee is also used to cover costs of rental cars, fuel and in-game props. Part of the game fee (10 EUR) is returned to players who actually show up to play. Consider this as a deposit. Hopefully it motivates participants to show up. Once paid, the game fee will not be returned. The game is non-profit so every euro we get paid we put in the game one way or another.

Out of town participants and foreign participants

Please let us know if you need transportation from train station or airport to the game event area and/or back from event area. If there’s problems with gear or guns let us also know and we try to work it out.

Contact person of event organization:

Joonas Rautiola (on Facebook), e-mail: joonas [at] koalitio [dot] fi

Event schedule

Friday 12.6.

1200 Organizers will head up to the event area for preparations

1900 Event opens for players. Registration starts. Players get transportation to their bases.

2300 Registration closes. All players should be transferred to their bases by 2330

Saturday 13.6.

0000 Pre-game briefing by commanding officers for both sides at bases.

0100 Game on! Wear your safety goggles or glasses and do not remove them at any time until game ends.

0700-0900 Second chance for registrations. After 0900 you are won’t be able to participate this game anymore.

2400 Game ends.

Sunday 14.6.

0100 Debriefing and after game party. Leaving players get transportation to parking area.