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Re: Airsoft in Russia

PostPosted: Thu 2011-04-21 19:08
by MadMax
Wittman, generally deactivated models can be purchased, but your order - it's certainly incredibly)))
never seen people who would buy such a large gun)))
I can say one thing - it will be very expensive! for example, you can see here -
and here -
specifically for these vendors can not say anything, reliable or not - I do not know. but if you really have an interest - I think nothing is impossible
Mikko, knives for sale in Monchegorsk certainly is. I am not sure that there is one that you chose. Man, why did he do? In Russia, everyone loves Finnish knives, and try to buy it is a Finnish knife ."Finka" - as we call it.
If you need this, I can order it.

Re: Airsoft in Russia

PostPosted: Thu 2011-04-21 20:19
by Parzi
Maxim maybe we can go and see the Kizlyar knives while we are there. I have two decent finnish blades but the Kizlyar knifes look rly good :)

Maybe we find some Kizlyar knifes from Monchegorsk and get to see them before buying :)

Re: Airsoft in Russia

PostPosted: Thu 2011-04-21 21:16
by MadMax
Ok, Mikko. No problems. you come to Monchegorsk, look at the store that sold it.
Incidentally, there was a game scenario - 21 May
give an approximate translation -
May 21 landfill airsoft-tactical game "Confrontation."

Venue - Severomorsk, polygon "Griffin" + surrounding area.

Main org. - Meacher.
Org. from the host responsible for airsoft part - Katzman.

Arrival in the evening on May 20.
Start Time May 21 at 08.00 (start game)
End Time May 21 at 20.00 (finish the game)
Festival on the night of 21 to 22 May.
Check out the morning on May 22.

On the territory of responsibility "Garrison" (hereinafter referred to as group A), infiltrated the force of "resistance" (hereinafter referred to as group B) with the aim of seizing territory.

Problem. (Open)
Group A.
1. Save this frontier territory in the same range as at the beginning of the game.
2. Destroy the base of group B.
Group B.
1. Zoom-controlled territory in comparison with the beginning of the game.
2. Retain its base in integrity.

All other tasks only at the site before and during the game.

Rules of the game.
Standard Rules on the airsoft game, one hit - a corpse. in a building no more than 120m / s (+ / - 5.10 m / s).

Restriction on the use of balloons:
It is desirable to use for the game Mekhan.
If you are using to play the bunker, then imagine you can only have one Wet balls hopper.
Precharge anywhere boundaries Base Group A and Group B. Base
(The gun restrictions do not apply.)
If you have gone beyond the Garrison and the Rebel base, then you should be charged in the store (bunker or fur is not important) ONLY 500 bb. Precharge anywhere boundaries Base Group A and Group B Base

Mertvyatnik* (*dead-zone)
Mertvyatnik each side its own. Keep your things in mertvyatnike prohibited. A fire, cook and eat in mertvyatnike prohibited. Be in mertvyatnike more than the period allowed. (Otherwise a fine on your entire party).

Residential camp - is not it. (Only parking)
All their belongings should be placed on their bases. Put up tents on the game (and especially in the area of ​​the base) is prohibited.

Heads of the parties
Group A - Goblin
Group B - Shaggy

Re: Airsoft in Russia

PostPosted: Fri 2011-04-22 10:17
by MadMax
Parzi Kizlyar knifes see here too - ... 20a&page=1